How to Patient

Patient Experience Mobile Learning Assessment Tool:
“How to Patient” is a Patient Experience application learning tool. The application is both web based and has an mobile app version. Courses can be completed using either version. The application emphasizes provider/patient communication. The application highlights key portions of the patient provider interaction from “Prior to entering the room” to the “Physical Exam” to the “Discharge Process” and the communication that needs to happen after the patient goes home. Under each section, the user has the option to read or watch a video, and take a knowledge assessment exam. After successful completion of all the quizzes, the user gets emailed a certificate of completion and their “teacher” is also notified.

The application can be downloaded by following the links below:

Android VersionIOs version

An access code is needed to demo the application. Please send me an email to request an access code.


Web Based Patient Experience Learning Assessment Tool

I have created a web based (howtopatient.com) version of the application with the following features:

Student account features (web based or mobile app)

  • Ability to complete course using FREE iOS or Android mobile App
  • Ability to start, and if needed, pause, assigned courses
  • Ability to view references while going through course
  • Ability to take course as many times as you want for 1 year
  • Teacher/admin is automatically notified once course is completed
  • Ability to get automatic reminders about course completion delivered to your email
  • Ability to view, print certificates of completion
  • Ability to email teacher
  • Ability to post feedback about the course

Web based Application Teacher/Administrator account Features:

  • Ability to purchase licenses to courses
  • Ability to create student accounts
  • Ability to upload an already created student list (excel file)
  • Ability to assign courses to students with a specific deadline
  • Ability to assign different courses to different classrooms
  • Ability to separate students into different “classrooms”
  • Ability to reassign a course to a student who is still underperforming
  • Ability to post feedback about the website (feedback will be viewed by site visitors)
  • Ability to send weekly or monthly tips to students (tips are sent to their cell phones, once they download the app)
  • Ability to send individual tips to each classroom
  • Ability to view resources
  • Ability to email students
  • Ability to view, print student list with course completion status
  • Ability to send weekly, monthly tips directly to the student’s mobile device

Medical Students and Residents Patient Experience Training

As a new attending several years ago, I wished that I had more training on how to effectively communicate with patients and their families. 4 years in medical school and several more years in residency helped sharpen my medical acumen, but left a void that I would have to fill while on the job. No one forewarned me that once you become an attending, the emphasis shifts from medical training to a foreign concept :”Patient Experience”. No one told me that communication is at the root of most bad outcomes, lawsuits, and Physician job dissatisfaction.

I want to teach Physicians how to effectively to communicate with patients and their families. I believe that such training needs to start at the end of the second year of medical school, as soon as the student is about to start their rotations. That training needs to be reinforced on a monthly basis until medical school graduation and throughout residency.

To that end, I want to provide a proven training tool that can be easily deployed. My howtopatient application has been successfully used by a large hospital system for the past 3 years. The application has been used to train new and existing Physicians. The application has helped maintain the patient satisfaction scores in the 90th percentile (up from the 30th percentile prior to this training program being implemented) and has had several rave reviews by physicians and administration alike.