Why me?

Why me?

Because I am a practicing Physician.
I only do a limited number of consults per month. The most important reason is the fact that I need to to see patients. I do enjoy seeing patients; but I also need to be able to tell the audience I am connecting with that I understand the current challenges they are going through.

Because it works!
The methodology I employ has been tested for the past 3 years at a healthcare system which sees close to 500,000 patients in the emergency rooms. Their scores have seen a dramatic improvement.

Patient Satisafction score improvemnt at the Memorial Hospital System

Other systems that have adopted the same protocol also saw an improvement in their scores within 6 months:

Patient Experience improvement at other facilities based on the Kisssinger Goldman protocol

By using techniques such as:

  • Preclinical Training for new Providers using our web and mobile application
  • Patient Verbatim Trend review prior to the engagement
  • Live training sessions, focused on communication, for both Physicians and ancillary staff side by side to ensure message consistency
  • One on one Coaching
  • Web based, Mobile application training and remedial tool
  • Frequent reinoculation with our bimonthly pearls delivered directly to your Healthcare providers mobile device
  • Patient Experience Trend monitoring for six months after visit.
  • Business cards at discharge with date and time provider will be available to answer questions or concerns

Let’s change the Patient Experience Culture at your facility!!!