Dr. Kisssinger Goldman,
Being a former professional boxer and managing many World Champion, I have been in 100’s of emergency rooms in the United States and throughout the world.
I had to write to you and thank you for your professional care and your “bedside manner” yesterday with the emergency room visit of my wife Toni Amato Feigenbaum at …
I have been so impressed with not only your professionalism,but your thoroughness, friendliness, and care and commitment exhibited by you, and the staff in the emergency room.
She is doing and feeling much better although she should have remained in the hospital for the evening as you recommended.
I am sure the emergency room has to hear many complaints from patients and family members being how many people you have to help daily. I Just thought it my be nice to hear a complement and a thank you once in a while.
Thank you
Michael Frost

- Michael Frost and Toni Feigenbaum

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- Press Ganey National Conference Attendee

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